Thursday, 19 February 2009


Senior blogger Abraham Tharakan has created a new award Blog Ratna, and has presented it to GVK, retired journalist and tireless blogger.

And who could be a better person to receive it?

I first came across GVK when I read his blog post on the movie ‘Kalyana Parisu’ and wrote a comment. He responded, asking me if I would like to be included in the bloggers’ group Mysore Blog Park . I checked out the blog and found a collection of assorted writers. The statement under the banner was remarkable, and says it all - We are a bunch that has nothing in common, not even a Mysore connection. Our interests are varied. We belong in different age-groups. We are opinionated, touchy, and take our writings seriously, at times. We drive our own blogs and feel entitled to comment, even on matters about which we might know next to nothing. Our pace of posting is irregular. MBP (Mysore blog park) is our parking lot; a one-stop site showcasing bloggers.

I was only too happy (honoured, to be honest) to be included in this elite group. Since coming under this umbrella, my posts are being read by more people, and regularly by other MBP writers. On a couple of occasions, I have recommended some bloggers whom GVK has willingly taken into the fold. Can there be a better way of encouraging bloggers?

We seem to have formed a nice little family, and it feels good. This bond has extended to exchanging emails, phone calls, and even visits among some – and it is a warm feeling when the virtual friendship overflows into the real world. Thank you, GVK.

Recently I had the pleasure of welcoming GVK and his wife Lakshmi to our home. We had an enjoyable time, discussing various subjects, from grandchildren to politics, and internet to journalism.

After meeting them, the last line from ‘Casablanca’, uttered by Humphrey Bogart, came to my mind -" I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


flowergirl said...

Thats nice! To see Mr GVK! And congratulations to him, on the award!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Oh wow, you met him!!! ;-D Yes, it's great, isn't it?? Mysore Blog is like a little family, as you have said...even I agree. I'm proud I belong here!! And yes, congradulations to GVK too! Mr. Abraham Tharakan's choice has been right! Wow, looks like you people had lots of fun!! Three cheers for MBP!!!!!:-)

Vetirmagal said...


your blog is very interesting. The introduction of GVK and Abraham Tharakan and the likes, made my day. Hope you and others do not mind , if I glance throught he writings and learn a few things.

Thanks a lot.

Indrani said...

Those coffee tumblers... makes me feel like having a cup right now. :)
Congrats to GVK sir!

Kat said...

That's really wonderful.

Devika Jyothi said...

This was nice to know, Raji
I have been to Abraham Tharakan's blog long back, through a link here if I remember correct.

Its heartening for me to read about serious bloggers :)


Maddy said...

have never met GVK though we have talked & corresponded..

hopefully one day...soon

and hopefully someday we may all meet..

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Raji :)

Greetings :)

Many, many thanks for introducing GVK and Abraham Tharakan. Wonderful people who embellish and enrich our lives.

I was very thrilled to see you drinking coffee with GVK and discussion various topics of interest.

Many thanks for sharing.

Have a bright and beautiful day :)

Swarna said...

Happy (honoured) to be with you, and GVK, and AT and all those others on MBP. Let's keep the good thiing going.

Ashutosh said...

Having worked with GVK on the Rebuild India Mission, I must confess that he thoroughly deserves to be awarded. He has been an inspiration for youngsters like us and most of us are in awe of his tireless commitment and dedication towards making India a better place to be in.

Unknown said...

Thank you Raji for writing about Blog Ratna. Through their comments on your post, more people have endorsed my suggestion.

I feel that there has to be a follow up on the announcement of the award. Would like to discuss the details with you when we meet, hopefully soon.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

I fully agree with Mr.Maddy...the entire MBP should meet up someday! That would be so much fun!!


Lakshmi - :)

Vetrimagal - I am happy you like visiting our blogs. Please come again.

Indrani, come home at once.

Kat , Devika - it was good.

Maddy, Swarna - Amen

Joseph - yes it was good

Ashutosh - So true

Abraham - it was all your initiative - hope you will take the lead in the next one, too.

Lakshmi - yes! yes!

Anonymous said...