Monday, 23 February 2009


Resul Pookutty won the Oscar!


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

yipeee!! I guess you were banking on him, huh?? I was too...after reading your post! Cheers then!

Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

omg, did you listen to his speech too?? Wasne't he just amazing with the "this award goes to my country!" part. Who--hoo!! Im celebrating! :)


Lakshmi, you sound as glad as I feel. He was so good with his 'Ladies and Gentlemen' start, then almost crying, and saying, "Sorry'! Resul, Jai ho!

Devika Jyothi said...

Yeah, he did it, Raji
So happy to see when seemingly very ordinary people reach great heights...and when they keep their modesty...

AR Rahman is the person behind...A very kind mind and great musician. We have many good singers/musicians who owe him, I believe


Anya Padyam said...

yes.. he did it! and his acceptance speech was pretty awesome too..

Kat said...

Sharing you people's joy. It was so nice of him to tell.."I dedicate this award to my country..."

Vairamuthu has said " Awards to oldsters is for their past and awards to youngsters are for their future"

In the star gaze, let's not forget the local moons.

Kalaimamani awards were received by Asin, Meera Jasmine and Saroja Devi.

S.Devi is my favourrrrite :)


Just Someone, Welcome here.

Devika, thanks for the nice comment.

Kat, nowadays Kalaimamni is given like sundal to everyone including babies - imagine three young stars getting it now along with Saroja Devi, a heroine of 40 years ago. You just dated yourself by liking her best!!!!

Maddy said...

great job - pookutty..way to go!! & his speech was touching..

One other person I want to win somewhere - is santosh sivan..

but meera jasmine is great - she deserves every award coming her way!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raji

Yes,I was as glad as you and Lakshmi were, when Pookutty got it.
Can I get you on to something a tad controversial?!
My friends-now spread all over the world and hence at times overpatriotic than should be, are split in our opinion about Slumdog Millionaire. For me it was a Bollywood movie in English [Danny's Trainspotting was a much better movie!]but it helped ARR and Pookutty to get Oscars. In A R Rahman's case,it allowed him to get that international acclaim that he so richly deserves. However some of my friends are quite upset at the way it depicted Bombay [especially with that scene where the boy falls into the excrement!]and feel that our poverty was exploited by Danny to get that Oscar. [even though the original story was by an Indian!]
What's your take on it?


Maddy, hope Santosh Sivan does make it and gets the international recognition. SM, if nothing else, has opened the door to the quality of our techies in the film world - they are as a good as any.

Alex, Thanks for visiting.
I haven't seen the movie, so maybe I am not fully qualified to judge. However I do feel that Danny Boyle and his producer did not make the movie to show to the world India's good qualities or bad.
They made a movie, and using Indian artistes and technicians (what else? the movie is set in India, after all) made it as well as they could. To make as much money as they could, and get awards, too. If it does show India in a poor light, well we can't deny that these things do exist - aren't the slum dwellers real? Aren't there mutilated children begging on the roads? But the movie has apparently captured the un-cowed /unbeaten spirit of the poor, and the triumph of that spirit in a fairy tale end. Which is what must have appealed....

I don't know if it is a Bollywood movie in English. But I have seen some Bollywood movies aimed at the NRI population which are highly unbelievable. But in the end, they provide entertainment, and that is the bottomline - for everyone knows that such things can't happen and people watch these movies - a kind of escapism.

While I welcome Rahman's and Resul Pokutty's awards and recognition, I don't feel the same way about the movie winning other awards, at least not more or less than anyy other movie I favoured. But I do like Danny Boyle (yes Trainspotting was good), so am glad for him.


Alex, further to my previous comment - I just read this post of a fellow blogger today - relevant to our comments on SB. Do take a look:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link-that particular blog as well as the photos were awesome. Sad to hear from Joseph about the lack of public or police or media response to the abduction of 3 children.

SDM was better than the Bollywood movies aimed at the NRI population!Many of them make me cringe with embarassement.

As you rightly said, whether good or great,SDM was a movie which showed the eventual success of the underdog-here the underbelly of our society. As we all know, there is nothing the Oscars like more than the story of an underdog!