Saturday, 14 April 2007


All the leaves from the tree in front of our house have fallen.
Tight buds have begun to appear on the branches, dangling down in slender streamers.
I may not be around when it blooms for that one single day, the annual 'oru naal kalyanam'.
We are packing our bags to visit our sons for a while.
My husband and I are excited about seeing Arundati, my granddaughter, who will be three in June.
And we are not at all sorry to leave the hot humid, sweltering city for cooler climes.
But oh, I will miss the yellow blooms when they appear, with not a sign of green on the branches anywhere.
And we will also miss the mango season this year!
And the stones thrown by enterprising youngsters from the street, and the secret raid by our neighbours.
No mango tastes as delicious as a stolen one.