Friday, 23 May 2008


Gardenia tagged me for this – here are the questions and my answers. (Am not much of a foodie - or cook, for that matter - so the answers may not be appropriate.)

What’s your favourite table?
The water table in Chennai, when it is high.

What would you have for your last supper?
It does not matter.

What’s your poison?
Coffeee, coffee, coffee, never can say ‘kafi hai’ to coffee.

Name your three desert island ingredients.
Essentials : A cook and his essential ingredients

What would you put in Room 101?
Too may to fit in there.

Which book gets you cooking?
None, the minute I pick up a book I don’t want to cook.

What’s your dream dinner party line-up?
I'll skip this.

What was your childhood teatime treat?
You know, can’t remember a thing!

What was your most memorable meal?
Can’t remember – may be it is yet to happen

What was your biggest food disaster?
Ah – when my Prestige Pressure Pan flew off the gas, with the vegetable pulao in it, banged against the ceiling and landed on the floor, leaving the pulao decorating the ceiling in various colours, like some wedding tent top. Had to settle for upma for dinner.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?
Another can’t remember – yet to happen, maybe.

Who’s your food hero/food villain?

Nigella or Delia?
Who are they? Could be the answers to the above?

Vegetarians: genius or madness?

Fast food or fresh food?
The fresher it is, the faster we eat it.

Who would you most like to cook for?
Prefer not to cook at all.

What would you cook to impress a date?
Why impress at all? Let the date do the impressing

Make a wish.
Only one?

Would like to tag Indrani, Kalyani, Meera, Alaphia and anyone who cares to answer the above questions.


Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

'What’s your favourite table?
The water table in Chennai, when it is high.'
I laughed so much! Yes, that's the best table to get high!
'Am not much of a ... cook, for that matter'--sez you. We wont let you get away with that one.

Indrani said...

Thanks for tagging me, I will take it up later.

Anonymous said...

Raji, You had me laughing throughout this one. Interesting answers from an interesting mind!

Anonymous said...

I remember the prestige pan "disaster". But did we not have a book fair quiz that evening where we picked up Mayor of Casterbridge and Pride and Prejudices as prizes? Even now I cant think of those books without the smell of manja podi wafting about in my head....


Anonymous - yes, it was the same day. And how proud I was of you for having won it. Manja podi splattering was auspicious on that day, would you say?

Kamini and Gardenia, happy to have made you laugh.

Indrani, take your time.

Anonymous said...
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kallu said...

HI Raji, understated wit.:-)
Glad to be tagged but a lil later when I stop spinning a bit