Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Nothing can prepare one for the magnitude of the Taj.
Not the millions of photographs, pictures or videos I have seen. (It was a first time for me).
The magnificent spectacle of the Taj in the balmy sunlight of a pre-winter afternoon was far greater than my expectations - truly deserving the ‘Wonder of the World’ title.

Beautifully maintained grounds added to the charm of the monument.
I had heard enough about the deterioration of the monument and its discolouration, but happily that was not too evident.

Though too little too late, efforts have been made to preserve the monument and care is taken not to pollute the vicinity. Special electric cars and camel ghadis are provided for the almost one mile stretch to the monument.

But the approach to the town, and the surrounding areas are in sad contrast to the beautiful wonder.
The Taj stands like a lotus in the slush.
Tourists throng the place. And enough funds are generated through the collections. (Foreigners are charged Rs. 750!).
Surely some can be put aside to make the city and surrounding area more inviting.

In contrast Delhi seemed to me to be a beautiful city.


Parvati Mohanakrishnan said...

relived the entire trip... much love, parvati

Kamini said...

Wow, your first time! And on so special an occasion! Lovely photos,

flowergirl said...

Just stopped by to have a peek. All are looking suitably distinguished. More in person!

kallu said...

Nice wowed description Raji. And nicer family groups. But where is yours ?