Saturday, 1 August 2009


Do you remember the picture of the layette in this blog posted some time ago ?

The VIP who my mother knitted it for has made her appearance - my new granddaughter - first child to her parents and second grandchild to us. She is also the first grandchild to her mother’s parents.

Though we haven’t seen her yet, we hope to be with her in some weeks’ time. But here we are all excited, conveying the news and receiving good wishes from one and all. There really is something about the arrival of a baby that touches all – everyone wants to know who she looks like, what her name is, what did she weigh, does she cry much, how is the mother, and how does her cousin Nino feel about it!

We have seen pictures of her, and yes she looks beautiful, and her name is Samyukta.
And so, no, even if she had been born here, she would not have qualified for a gold ring from the Mayor of Chennai.


Maddy said...

wishing samyukta a great life ahead...i see you have a new picture up, looks great..

best wishes to the grandparents as well..

Meera's World said...

beautiful name.congrats raji:)

Meera's World said...

you have a beautiful smile:)

Sunita Mohan said...

What a precious gift the first (and second) grandchild is! I'm sure that Samyukta is going to be thoroughly pampered by both sets of grandparents and will never have to regret the lack of a thamizh name.


Hope the baby has a nappy and healthy life.

Take care.


Blogeswari said...

Congratulations to Samyukta's proud paattis, thaathas, kollu paati, akkas, annas, appa and Amma

Wonderful news this is


Maddy, thanks. - for both remarks

Meera, thanks. - for both comments. Obvioulsy I can't stop smiling.

Sunita, thanks. And what a nice thought.

Yvonne, thank you so much.

Blogeswari, thank you on behalf of ALL.

Trendsetters said...

congratulations. Welcome to this beautiful world samyukta

Devika Jyothi said...

Samyukta -- nice name Raji and my wishes to all the family :)

And Yes, your smile is captivating :)


Kamini said...

There is no better news in this world than the birth of a baby. Most probably we will see Samyukta tomorrow!!

Kamini said...

Nice photo of you!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I look forward to seeing the baby's picture. I'm sure she's adorable.

raghu raman said...


ah! I see you targetting the gold ring. Is samyukta a tamil name? :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Raji. Prayers and good wishes to Samyukta.

Anya Padyam said...


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

wow, raji maami, just wanted to compliment u on ur pic. you seriously look so YOUNG & pretty!!!! :) Very few ppl ive seen are so graceful and beautiful looking when they get older! You are so lucky! :)

Bhushavali said...

Hey Raji Mami,
Thanks for dropping by My Travelogue. I've visited your blogs several times. Commented in you Mylapore Kolam Festival post and some others also.
Do drop in often in my blog, Mami. Would love your visits, comments and followups.
My Travelogue

Bhushavali said...

And ya, Congrats. I love the name Samyuktha... :)
My Travelogue


Trendsetters, on behalf of Samyukta, thanks!

Devika, Thanks for all the wishes ( and ahem! the remark about my smile)

Kamini...and did you? Thanks for the comment about the photo

Rinkly Rimes - you will see her soon.

Raghu raman - No, it is not, I think.

Abraham, thanks.

Just someone - thanks.

Lakshmi - hold on, hold on. I love compliments, thank you for all the nice things you have said.

Mitr - will do!

Dinakar KR said...

My hearty wishes to the second-time grandmother. Presently, she is 'some yuktha' but when you take her in her hands, 'Samyuktha'!

I must endorse what Lakshmi has said above. It is the beautiful gray hair that people try to hide unnecessarily spending much time and money is what shows that 'secret' off! Yet, people fail to recognize!

IMO, it is such 'hiding behind their ages' that makes for a funny look! :)

Anonymous said...

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