Sunday, 28 December 2008


‘Youth Jugalbandhi’ – the title is a combination of an English and a Hindi word, but the book is in Thamizh. Authored by Charukesi, the book is a collection of interviews with twenty eight promising young stars on the Carnatic musical stage.

The book, published by Vikatan Publications with a foreword by Sudha Raghunathan, has been appropriately released during the ‘season’.

Each chapter is dedicated to one person, with details of education, musical and otherwise, spelt out clearly at the beginning. Highlights of each musician’s career have been included smoothly with other information, like their views on music, on their profession and career. Sikkil Gurucharan, for instance, says he has no interest in news or other matters, it is only music for him all the way. Mridangam player Delhi Sairam says that no way would he consider participating in the orchestra of a Bharata natyam dancer. Vasudha Ravi says her most unforgettable moment was when she met M. S. Subbulakshmi and sang for her.

Not only vocalists, but accompanists like violinists and mridangam or kanjira players are also included in this list. Some of them are children of musicians, like Subasree Ramachandran, daughter of Charumathi and Trichur Ramachandran, and T. N. S. Krishna, son of T. N. Seshagopalan, or come from families with musical background like Abhishek Raghuram, who is the grandson of Palghat Raghu.

What does strike the reader is that each of the young persons holds not less than a bachelor’s degree. In fact some of them, like Nisha Rajagopal are professional degree holders. Many of the musicians, like Kuldeep Pai, K. Gayathri and S. M. Vilasini , live in the Mylapore neighbourhood.

Charukesi is an established writer with many short stories and books to his name. He is also a connoisseur of music, as his nom de plume might indicate – being the name of a raagam – and he has contributed articles on music to publications like The Hindu and Sruti. His given name is Viswanathan.

How did he hit upon the idea of interviewing the youngsters? Charukesi says that it was the idea of the Managing Editor of Vikatan Publications – VSV, and that this is the first time that profiles of a bunch of young artistes were taken up for a book.

“It took me 28 days to interviews the 28 artistes, and the book was readied in another 28,” he says. “On the whole, it was a pleasant task, talking to the young crop of musicians, who have excellent academic records, too. All of them co-operated in the project enthusiastically.”

This was published in the daily edition of Kutcheribuzz on December 25.


Devika Jyothi said...

Hi Raji,

Thank you for the introduction...

But i don't think this book will be any interesting to me...i seldom read about musicians, but listen to music a lot...:)

and of the young stars -- no way....i like to read those experienced in life...

anyway, thanks

Anonymous said...

I am sure it's a treasure... Thanks for sharing.

Devika Jyothi said...

Dear Raji,

Coming to think of it -- my first comment in the morning for the post would have been upsetting...May be not, too....

But i just wanted to say that..more than anything else i like to read about your life :)

i always kept back here for that reason..its life that interests me -- more than anything else :)

just wanted to say that, dear



Devika, no worries - I am not at all upset, since you have just expressed what you prefer to read. And great, I am happy that you like coming here.

Pradeep, thanks for visiting.

Bala said...

Raji, My wife and I enjoyed reading your blog. I like reading biographies. So I enjoyed reading about your trip down memory lane especially the write up about the trip to Pondi, Director Sridhar and about your mother.

Keep writing. I was expecting a series of posts about your visits to many kutcheries.



Bala, thanks for the encouraging remarks. I did not atted many kutcheris due to various reasons, but I have plans to write about about what I experienced.

Anandhi Kumar said...

hey raji,, nice to read a note about Mr.Charukesi.. reminds me of our good old days at MT heee.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Raji :)

Very interesting and informative post:)

Many thanks for sharing.

Wish you and your family a wonderful New Year 2009 full of joy,peace, happiness and prosperity.

Ashvin said...

Keep up the good work, Aunty. Wishing you, uncle and Maiji (and of courise your sons, and the rest of your extnded family :-) )a very Happy New Year.

Indrani said...

Must be interesting... a new subject for me though.

Karthik Narayan said...

Young guns of India - I salute thee...

I see u got hooked to elvis... :) nice.