Tuesday, 5 February 2008


On a recent trip to Thanjavur, something caught my eye, apart from the fertile green all around.

Since we travelled by road, it took us through many central places in towns and cities. Many wedding halls have sprouted on either side of the roads, weddings being an ever popular activity, I suppose. There were many halls in the Pondicherry sector, too. And the day we had chosen to travel was obviously a muhurtham day, for the halls were well decorated, and as evening neared, well lit, too.

All normal, of course.

But what was arresting was the sight of huge banners /boards in front of the mandapams, announcing to all and sundry the names of the new couple, and decorated with larger-than-life photographs of the beautifully dressed and bejewelled bride and groom.

Well, one could say they are the hero and heroine of the day. And to them, it would have been a move up from merely decorating their wedding invitations - a trend in recent times.

Anyway, it made a pleasant change from the made-up faces of jaded movie stars, the CM and other politicians who normally greet us from posters and banners.


Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

Democracy - everyone gets a chance to be a poster boy or girl!!
Too funny!

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Yes, Gardenia.
But you should be willing to get married.

Kamini said...

Gowri's comment was so apt! Wish we could have seen a picture of this poster.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Now why didn't I think of that at my wedding???

Unknown said...

Interesting. Now this trend will spread to other places as well.

Dainty Damsel said...

point noted. Managing heavy jewelry is a pain.

Karthik Narayan said...

democrazy... gardenia picks one from my blogs lol - unintentionally of course ;) good post... well done

kallu said...

Hello Raji, thank you for visiting my blog and your encouraging comment.

I find your recent posts on the temples in The Tanjavur area really interesting because we had recently been there. But your interest and detail and knowledge can hardly be matched. Very good guidelines for future visits there.

My daughter's friend belonging to a Chettiar family recently got married , as per their tradition in their village. On the way to the mandapam, she saw some posters of a familiar looking girl and she thought, what a un-goodlooking girl and up on a poster too. To her horror, she found it was her photo,(bad one) put up by some over enthusiastic relative. :-))))))


Ha hah , Kallu!
That is really funny.
With relatives like that, who needs enemies!