Sunday, 14 October 2007


It is always interesting to read about a person you have met, or a place you have visited.
I was fascinated to read about the Dia Museum in Beacon,which we had visited when in New York, and its patron, (whom we have not met!) in the New York Times today.

When we visited the Tate Modern last week, the eye catching sculpture of the 30 ft. spider, by Louise Bourgeoise, reminded me instantly of the huge one we had seen in the Dia gallery. It is called Maman and has a pouch with eggs, made of solid marble.

Sankar took this picture, and what we see in the background is St. Paul's Cathedral across the Millenium Bridge.

I had mentioned the museum in my post A Museum, English Tea and Riverside Music.


Karthik Narayan said...

good one. and the pic is scary :) lookin fwd to meeting u again and spending as much time as am able to :0

pentatwo said...

"I know an old lady who swallowed a spider..."
She would have to swallow an elephant to catch this spider!


Apt comment, Bala.
Aru has been singing this song lately, and finds it amusing.

Kat said...

Sigh... a statue for incy-wincy spider..!!!! Looks pretty good :-)

Swarna said...

Thanks Raji, for the link. Another mummy-long-legs!