Tuesday 21 November 2023

Some Memories.....of road repairs and atrocities

 November 2021

And they have done it again! 

Succeeded in maintaining their score of knock-down-one-cable-a-day! 

Barely a day after it was restored, with new cables and all, the #ChennaiCorporation sent that JCB, its weapon of destruction, and ripped apart the pole and cables of our Internet server. 

We had not had it for even 12 hours.

 And along the way, cut the Metro water connection supply of both our neighbors. 

And after all its rampaging, it sits on our road all night, in front of our house, waiting to pounce! 

I hope the Commissioner #GagandeepSinghBedi of #ChennaiCorporation takes note of the wanton and needless destruction caused by the undisciplined drivers of the JCB.

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