Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I am different!

Between a mother who knits, blogs and thinks nothing of getting up at 4 and making some vadam dough because the sun is shining brightly, and a sister who works full-time and cooks for hubby late at night after returning home, I stand out as a person who thinks nothing of doing nothing .

One morning last week I got up at my usual time and walked groggily to the balcony to get some fresh air. And this is what I saw.

My mother had been busy - not wanting to waste the March sun, she had got up at 4 am and finished making the dough for the vadam and spread it out on cute circles on banana leaves which she had herself gone down and cut from the banana trees! And all this before I had even woken up.

Enough to put anyone to shame. Fortunately, I am made of sterner stuff, and did not in the least feel any twinges of guilt. While she made sure that the vadams were dried thoroughly for three whole days, chasing the sun from this end of the balcony to the other, I (like the lilies of the field?) stood and took pictures.

But I was the first to congratulate her when she fried them and served them to be tasted. Oh they were so good.


Unknown said...

An outstanding mum! Bless her.I would be groggy like you as I have been over pampered!!

Indrani said...

Can't you post at least one pic of those tasty bites. ;)


When I posted my latest yesterday I clicked something and all my posts reverted to draft
I saw it in time and republished them. But I think the pictures are gone forever. :(
I will try to add