Saturday, 12 February 2011


Bed unmade,
Table not cleared,
Lunch not cooked,
Clothes unwashed,
Dishes piled up.

Books unread,
Movies unwatched,
Songs unsung,
Prayers unsaid
Classes missed.

Phone silenced,
Emails unanswered,
Children ignored,
Friends forgotten
Whatever happened?

Placing titbits,
Writing comments,
Liking posts,
Virtual living
Mommy’s networking!


Devika Jyothi said...

"Friends forgotten" Whatever happened?

Who said, Raji?....must be blogging regularly for 'virtual' friends to come over :)

but yes, i think i can relate, with the last stanza...but dear Raji, not forgotten at all :)



Devika, how nice to hear from you - I have been a lazy creature, and not blogged for a long while

Karthik Narayan said...

I wrote a similar poem but not about mommy networking or anything.

try that sometime soon. its on my other

Asha said...

welcome back and longing for your posts.

Kamini said...

Really Raji?! Tsk, tsk....

Unknown said...

Click away and the world can be at my fingertips but I need fresh air and other things in life too!!

Dainty Damsel said...

Welcome back mamma :)
Loved the post. I am happy to see you embracing the virtual world! Don't forget to feast me when I meet you in person though!

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Nice one aunty :)

Indrani said...

Happy New Year!
hee hee... your first post this year right? :)

Meera's World said...

hey, most of the things in that poem seems like its about me;):)great to see you raji:)

Meera's World said...

Good to see u devika:)

Rajesh said...

We missed you for long time. Good to see you back again.

Anonymous said...

Nice verse but knowing you, I'm sure all the domestic i's have been dotted and the t's crossed!


ER Ramachandran said...

Get back with a bang..That's the way to do it.., as we wait for your moving and event-filled posts..


Anonymous said...

Good one..hoping to see more of your posts :-)

mingul - that is the word verification I got :-)


Asha, thanks.
Kamini, so disapproving?
Keats, so right you are!
Crescent, thanks dear.
IIM , thanks.
Indrani, :). Yes.
Meera, Really? welcome to the club.
Rajesh, happy to see you here.
Sekar ;D
ERR, Kavitha, thanks.

Vidya Sury said...

Most of that verse applies to most of us these days, no? :-) Nice wake up call! Very well written, Raji.

Maddy said...

you have been silent a long time, writers block perhaps? hope you get back to the keyboard in right earnest...

kallu said...

Raji, :-)))

Devika Jyothi said...

Gone lazy again? Hope you are doing good, Raji...and to see your posts :)


Kalyan said...

That's the irony of modern age...nicely crafted lines!

Indrani said...


Anonymous said...

Being perfect is BORING Raji...Your imperfection is perfect.

lalli said...

hehehe RM..eggjactly..!!! FB Techie mommy..:):)


Vidya, Maddy, Devika, Kalyani, lalli, Inmdrani. thanks for visiting, and taking the time to comment.


Anonymous, I wish I knew who you are!