Monday, 27 September 2010


The family is feeling very proud, and patting itself on its collective back - one of our clan is now a published writer.

My cousin Sekar’s book, The Goat, the Sofa and Mr. Swami, has been published by Hachette  recently.  There was a book launch to mark the event, and what was to have been a modest crowd at the Pasha at The Park turned out to be a standing-room-only affair. 

My brother Raja, his good friend, ( in the picture above with Sekar) came down especially from Delhi for the event – and was pleasantly surprised to see his name in the ‘thanks’ page – a tribute to their friendship.

Tim Murari, a well-known writer from Chennai, was the chief guest on the occasion, but not having had time to read the book, since it reached him rather late for that, he could not offer any comment. His taciturnity was balanced by the friendliness of the crowd tossing intelligent questions at Sekar, who answered articulately and calmly. Sekar also read an excerpt from the book, making us want to read more.

My mother with Sekar's mother at the launch
The book is an interesting read, and can be termed a gentle satire. The Pakistani Premier wants to visit India to see a cricket series, a dubious premise, but that sets the tone of this story, creating many absurd situations. The novel is in the voice of Joint Secretary Swami, the Indian Prime Minister’s general factotum, and he narrates the story seriously without descending to the ridiculous. And I think that is where the writer’s triumph lies - the  book is not farcical, while the state of affairs (affairs of the state?) is.

Sekar (R. Chandrasekar) schooled in Mayo College, Ajmer, and studied in Vivekananda College here in Chennai and then in the Delhi School of Economics. He went to the US and did a Masters from the University of Chicago, and worked there for some years before returning to Chennai and settling down.

Here is wishing Sekar the publishing of many more books.


dr.antony said...

Congratulations.You have reasons to be proud of. The next time I visit India,I will get the book.Don't be surprised if you see a blog on it!

Rajesh said...

Congratulations to your cousin. Definitely sounds like a interesting read. I will surely lay my hands on them.


Comgratulations, of course you're proud.
I know I felt proud when mine was published 2 yrs ago.

Take care/

Asha said...

Wow, Is this is a writer's family?. you too write very well.
The cover page looks very attractive. next time I go to crossword, will check for the book.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is surely a momentous occasion and a great step forward! Many congratulations!

I look forward to reading the book!

Varun said...

Will get a copy as soon as possible !!!

Anonymous said...

Raji, I'm overcome. Thanks so very much.


Kamini said...

As the proud sister of the author, I am so touched by your post! Sekar always had a way with words - I am thrilled that it has been recognized at last.

Nikesh Rathi said...

That's nice.

It is an amazing feeling ... recently discovered the "joy" of being a published writer :)!

And a nice blog too.

Nikesh Rathi said...

That's nice ...

I recently discovered the joy of being a first time published writer ... Was amazing kind of feeling!

Nice blog btw.

Happy Kitten said...


The entire clan is talented!

Wish I had known while I was in India.. could have purchased the book.. hope to read it soon..


Dr. Antony, Rajesh, thanks.

Yvonne, how nice. Of course you ought to be proud.

Asha, Rakesh, Varun - I am sure you will enjoy the book.

Sekar - hope you publish many more books forme to blog about.

Kamini - Yes, he has a way with words. And so do you!

Nik - Thanks.

Happy Kitten - Generous words, thanks.hope you enjoy the book.

kallu said...

Congrajulations Raji. You must feel so good and proud.Hope I can get to read it sometime.

Maddy said...

should try & get hold of the book one of these days - congrats to Sekhar

harimohan said...

will buy it and read it of course