Sunday, 18 July 2010

SKYLINE SLIDESHOW - with a little help from Terry

Last week I posted some pictures of a favourite view. I had a whole bunch, and though I would have loved to share them , it was just not practical to post them all. Blogger does not have a provision for a slide show within the post, so I had to make do with a small one on the sidebar, much to my dissatisfaction.

So I turned to blogger pal Terry, and asked if he could help. It was a piece of cake for him I am sure, and here you have what he made out of my pictures.

click to play

Thank you, Terry.


Devika Jyothi said...

Nice photos, and nicely done, Raji :)



Wonderful really enjoyed,


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wonderful pictures! Loved the soundtrack too!

Fletch said...

Thanks for the mention, Raji.

The pics were worth 'showcasing', and I was only too glad to offer an alternative display.

Still investigating why Blogger finds it so difficult to allow a user to post something like this, and I am sure there must be a simple answer - somewhere ..... !!

Indrani said...

Lovely series of shots, so well presented. Terry Fletch is a GENIUS!

Revathi R said...

Nice photos. You can always include a slideshow on the post. You need not settle down with the sidebar show. Using picasaweb, create an album and click on the 'Embed slideshow' link. Paste on the post on the 'Edit HTML' mode. Change the width and height. I used width 400 and height 300 here


Devika, Yvonne, Rakesh, thanks.

Fletch, there is an embed codefor individual albums on Picasa web, but I can't find it on the page! Sent you mail regarding this. Thanks, Terry.

Indrani, thanks. Terry is!

Revathi, thanks for the info.