Thursday, 13 May 2010


My only connection to him was that our blogs appeared in the MysoreBlogPark. I read his blogs and left comments, especially about his photographs, which were really remarkable. And even that I haven’t done in the last few months.

Because of this blog visiting, a kind of friendship via e mail developed between this young man who works in Bangalore, and me. He gave me tips about photography, which I tried to follow with my ordinary digital camera. (Well my husband’s actually – I gave it to him for his birthday so I could use it to take pictures for my blog!). But I don’t think I have been a good student.

About 18 months ago he sent me an invitation to attend his brother’s wedding – a beautifully decorated card it was. A very sincere mail accompanied it requesting me to give my dates of travel so that he could meet and welcome us. Sweet as the thought was, we could not go.

Earlier this year he contacted me to ask for my postal address to send me a calendar he had made using his photographs. I was delighted to oblige, and the calendar arrived, accompanied by a beautiful and neatly handwritten letter. Whoever has the time or inclination to write nowadays? Everyone just dashes off e- mails or makes calls. Which is just what I did – I sent him an email thanking him for the beautiful calendar, when I couldn’t get him on the number he had provided on the envelope.

I did not hear from him for a week, when suddenly another cover appeared from him. This contained, much to my delight, an invitation to his wedding, and another hand written letter in the same beautiful writing, with a sincere request to attend the wedding. And also remembering to ask about Maiji, my mother whose blog posts also he used to read.

He is getting married this month in Udipi to Nishka and then goes to his home place Rourkela for the reception.

And what did I do? Did I write a nice reply wishing him and his bride? No, I called him on the cell number which he had thoughtfully included in the letter and wished him.

Dear Tanay, I wish you and your bride a long life of togetherness and happiness.
And hope to, as your blog says, remainconnected !



A lovely blog and the title was just right, It's surprising how friendships develope in blogland
although those concerned are never likely to meet, but there is always someone there if needed.

Take care.

GVK said...

Tanay, you would agree, is one of the nice things that happened in MBP. My contact with him was initially through 'Desicritics', another people-connector.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful friendship. Now a days true friends are rarely seen.

Kamini said...

Such a heart-warming post! I have also made several "friends" in blogland, and we have had some very nice, meaningful exchanges. We reveal more of ourselves knowing that the likelihood of our meeting is very low. Somehow I feel some of the magic might be lost if we actually met!

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Raji
I am back after a long absence. It was nice to read about the blog friendship developing into a deeper friendship.
How are you and where are you at the moment!
Best Wishes

Indrani said...

Great post on your friendship! :)


Thanks, Yvonne. You are right, but I have met some of my blogger firends, and it has been fun.

GVK, you are right.

Rajesh, we live in a rush all the time, difficult to maintain contact with many.But when someone makes the effort, it is wonderful.

Kamini, it is lovely when the virtual friends from 'blogland' turn up in real life.

Ramu, thanks. Have been back for two months now.

Indrani. Thanks, my previous post is on how a blog connects!

kallu said...

You are a good storyteller Raji. And a good photographer too. Now we know:-)