Wednesday, 29 April 2009


What do bloggers talk about when they meet?
Well, this and that, and the old pussy cat…

When Maiji (my mother) first started blogging, one of the persons who appreciated her writing was fellow blogger Abraham Tharakan.

Maiji continued blogging, and it seemed serendipitous that Abraham also lived in Chennai. Emails went to and fro and it was decided that we should meet one another at some point. And the fact that all our blogs were featured in the group blog Mysore Park Blog, only made the prospect more appealing.

On Easter Sunday, Abraham visited us and we spent a nice one hour talking to one another. The surprising thing was, none of us felt we were talking to strangers whom we were meeting for the first time. Over some coffee (which Abraham remembered from a previous blog!) news and views were exchanged.

When Maiji turned 80 in 2007, I had posted an article mentioning it as the day of one thousand moons. Abraham had pointed out that by one’s 80th birthday one could not have seen a thousand moons – and he is right, of course. I found this a good opportunity to tell him so, belatedly.

In older days, there used to be pen friends – people who lived in different places and had never met, yet because of correspondence through regular letters, came to know one another very well. And sometimes they would meet too. Today the internet has taken over that job. We email and ‘chat’ with people we have never seen, (but will only be too happy to!)

Blogs are a great point of communication, and obviously they tell the reader a lot about the writer. And the comments section helps us to interact. Blogging is a great way to make friends, as we have found out. A close circle that is ever widening.


Indrani said...
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Indrani said...

So true about bloggers turning friends. :)

(There was a sp.mistake in the previous comment. Sorry about that.)

Rinkly Rimes said...

I think I'd rather remain unknown in the bloggosphere. I call my blog 'friends' my 'blends.' I want them to stay in cyberspace!

Unknown said...

You have honored me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture..
It tells so much about MaaJoy and your life and living.

Like the Flower arrangements on the corner, a separate cabinet for the enlightened Master Ramana and possibly books on 'Moksha' and 'Nirvana'..the asymmetrical layout of the books .. shows they are to be read and not for show for the guests..oh, the Air France ashtray
a subtle message by immovable object of World Travel and lingustic skill..and then the yester year cane and rosewood chairs..
The guest and MaaJoy are like two
aged fine wines, simplicity of their dress and the intensity on the eyes..
I havent spent this much time analysing a photo..

Like Picture can tell many stories.


Meera's World said...

thats neat, to meet someone like this.!:)

Devika Jyothi said...

I agree with both Indrani and Rinky...a bit more with Rinky, when it comes to talking more generally,

and lucky should be those who beget good friends through this platform, Raaji :)


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Oh yay!! It makes me smile too! Hopefully, I can meet up with all three of you some day, raaji maami! Bloggers can turn into friends for life, no doubt about that!

namaki said...

This is a very nice post Raji !My mom, who also turned 80 in 2007 on April 18th) just joined the internet world and is thrilled about it ! I am surprised to see how fast she could catch managing the computer AND the navigation on internet ! She realized there was a complete new world out there to discover ! Hurrah for the blogs and the bloggers !

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Wonderful, glad to hear that MBP'ers have met! Would be nice if we could all meet at some point in time.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Raji :)

My joy knows no bounds to see two senior veterans sitting and having a tete a tete over a cup of coffee. It must have been an interesting discussion over excellent coffee- fragrant decoction coffee.

Two bloggers meeting is like meeting neighbors next door because we are constantly in touch with each other sharing our views, comments, birthdays, weddings and all good and bad things in our life.

Many thanks for sharing the precious photo and an interesting post.

Three cheers to you, your mum, Abraham Tharakan, all your blogging friends including me and others who will become your friends in the future.

Have a wonderful day Raji:)

koand said...

Ciekawy blog , pozdrawiam z dalekiej Polski .

kallu said...

Great Raji, so many more MBP chatters meeting.We should organise a larger one soon

Unknown said...

I just returned from a trip to Bandipur with a blogger friend. we had a wonderful time and we end up talking about blogging very frequently, I did learn a couple of things from them.


Indrani, :)

Rinkly rimes : to each his own.

Abraham Tharakan,the feeling is mutual.

Anonymous, what a nice comment and such astute observations from a photo!

meerasworld, Devika - it felt good.

Lakshmi - I am looking forward to that

Namaki - Your mum is a champ!

Capt.Anup - It would really be nice.

Joseph - Thanks for the encouraging comment

koand - Dziękują za odwiedzanie mojego *blog*.

kallu - right, so we should

T and S - Blogging is a good platform for both youngsters and veterans as Joseph calls us (old guys),

Maddy said...

Kallu is right, maybe we should all meet in chennai or some suitable place one of these days...

Tikno said...

Thank you for this post. That's what blogging (friend) are for, to share each other.

Ashvin said...


Kat said...

In aircraft the air-hostess always misses giving me food :(((

In a restaurant the hostess smiles and acknowledges every one, except me :(((

I meet a pen blogger and Mylapore Times didn't even bother to take a picture and report the event :(((

I am convinced that I'm invisible to the PEN world :(((


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