Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Last year was the year of the blogger, as far as I was concerned.
I found that everyone was creating blogs and posting their writings and publishing them willy-nilly. My youngest sister who really has a flair for writing stylishly had recently started hers.
And I looked towards home.

Here was my mother, (that is her in the picture) pushing 79, painstakingly recording her memories for her grandchildren in longhand on foolscap sheets. She was putting down in brief her life with my father, the lives of her parents and my father’s parents, in simple yet forceful style, so that her grandchildren could read about the family elders. Some of the younger ones had not even seen their grandfather. It occurred to me to create a blog for her, and post her writings.
And so I did.

It is called Memories and Musings, and received such a welcome from family and others, that my mother has got into the habit of updating the blog with more memories.
The thrill of creating a successful blog for Maiji, as we call my mother, and even posting pictures on them, prompted me to create one of my own, though I did not have much to say. Anyway I went ahead, and called it Vox Mine. Techno granny my friends called me, and it went to my head, I think.

I had got into the habit of updating both blogs, and somewhere down the line, managed to do something which made this Vox Mine appear as if it was my mother’s - both blogs now belonged to Maiji!
So I stopped posting anything on Vox Mine.
What is now on the blog are posts which I wrote earlier - poor Maiji who is credited as the owner is blameless.

I thought I would delete the blog, but decided against it. I even thought I would make myself a team member on it, but that did not work either.
For nearly a whole year I ignored the blog. But now, I have gone on to create another blog for myself - this one.
And I shall be posting regularly, I hope – unless this one is also going to appear as Maiji’s.

This is where you can read Maiji -


Groucho gawks said...

Wilkomme- Glad you overcame the inertia!!

Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

i'm glad you didnt leave your vox in a box! Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

techno granny - the pc is mightier than the sword!
keep up the good work!

Indrani said...

...thus we get two valuable bloggers.

Indrani said...

...thus we get two valuable bloggers.

delhidreams said...

as less as i have read already, i like ur blog :)
will be coming here for more, so do keep posting...