Monday, 12 January 2009


My friend Vatsala gave this to my mother on her birthday.

How true. The recent visit of my granddaughter ( four and a half) filled us with so much happiness and joy.

Everything Arundati did seemed so delightful, right from teasing her 'Thatha' (grandfather) by taking away his woollen night cap and running to hide it, to rubbing away the kolam in the pooja room. Every evening at 6.30 she would pull up her little chair and sit as close as possible to my mother while she watched the 'Ramayana' (in Malayalam) on TV. She does not understand the language at all, but was so fascinated by the epic. Her mother has been telling her the story of the 'Ramayana', and Arundati feels a great attraction to it. So much so that she can answer many basic questions on the epic.

But indulgent grandmothers tend to run on about their grandchildren’s antics, so I shall stop here.

And go on to my mother – and share some nice news about her.

My mother has done us all proud by getting featured in the January issue of the monthly magazine ME (of the Mumbai newspaper DNA) as a senior blogger – some of you know her as Maiji. Nicely reported by Supriya Kantak, it is a beautiful display on two pages with colour pictures.
Read it here and here.

Maiji's blogs are Memories and Musings and Memories and Musings II - Life in Pondicherry


Swarna said...

What a great Kollupaatti Arundhati has! My pranamams to her.

Blogeswari said...

Congratulations Blogger kudumbam! Really cool!

Me is a really cool mag!

Devika said...

That was a lovely post..

Nice to see your mother :)
I loved that kind of taste :)

I had fogotten to be at her blogs...we spoke a long time back :)

I will over the weekend :)


Kat said...

reminds me of "Abhi" in Abhiyum Naanum movie..!!!

Chandramouli S said...

So sweet of the kid! It's rare to see people of even my generation to be interested in epics and ancient history and seeing the the next generation is so interested calms my heart.
Great post, ma'am!

Bala said...

Thanks for the post. We read your and mother's blog regularly. Really happy to read about your happy family and childhood. I wish everyone in the world have such a wonderful happy family. Is the education? Economic independence? Broad mindedness? What helps one to make a happy family.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Raji :)

Very interesting post!

Your grand daughter is an amazing little girl and your mother is a wonderful person. In between, you are absolutely charming.

My prayers and best wishes to all of you :)

Maddy said...

Please do convey our best wishes to Amma. In this one blog you traversed four generations!!

Indrani said...

Why didn't the son or DIL get any attention? ;)
I will be only echoing what all others wrote: What a great Family!

T and S said...

WOW...that's a nice post.

aneri_masi said...

Wow! I am so impressed and inspired! She is AWESOME! Congratulations to her and you as well :)

remainconnected said...

that's great..

thanks for mentioning this story spread across 3 generations.

i wanted to bring to your notice that with the present application of technology, many things can be overcome. in the report, in mumbai newspaper DNA, respected maiji tells that she is finding some issues while using the keyboard for typing, and that's where you help her. i guess you can share this article with her.

i can tell you i have met and seen people who are not able to see, writing algorithms that run the internet, if these people can so can our respected maiji.she definitely is a very smart person and we have lots to learn from her. make sure you document all the stories she tells :)

regards to her. guess all the 3 generation from respected maiji to arundati had fun during the vacation.

remainconnected said...

sorry it is 4 generations and not3 as i mentioned in my comment. i completely forgot, arundati's parents the middle layer as you didn't mention about them..

for me it was arundati, you and respected maiji.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Amazing!! Your mother is really a very great person. I love her blogs, and love the fact that you type it up for her. I went through the magazine. Lovely write-up too. Your granddaughter seems a very sweet person. Arundati is a nice name...congradulations to your mom, and I'll be visiting her often.


Thank you everybody - we are really proud of my mother.

Bala, thank you for visiting regularly.

Remain connected - that is cool.

As for little Arundati, she called to say yesterday that she would not be able to talk to us for the next 45 minutes , because she was going to watch the Ramayana!!! My son informed me that it was being telecast over a Hindi channel there (London).

Anonymous said...


You are So lucky to have such a wonderful Mom ...

Am steeped in nostalgia (on a daily basis!) with memories of my own beloved, world's best Thatha-Patti in Mylapore.

Patti's a re VERY words can describe the relationship and the bond that Patti-pethi share, I can vouch for this :)