Friday, 20 July 2007

The Waiting Game

If you want something very badly, you don't mind waiting for it - no matter how long. Witness the wannabe iPhone owners.

Recently, my husband came across a list of 'Waiters' for various products - from a copy of Business Week - who were willing to wait longer for what they want.
1. Hermes Birkin Bag in pure leather - Waiting time is six to twelve months.
2. Dinner reservation at French Laundry Restaurant, Yountville, California - Waiting time is 60 days.
3. Season tickets for 'Green Bay Packers' - American football - Waiting time - wait for this - 35 years.
4. Wagner festival in Germany Waiting time is a mere 7 years.
5. The Ferrari sports car, model F43, waiting time is 2 years.

But what outshines all this is the waiting list at the Guruvayoor Temple for 'Udayasthamana pooja'. When I checked the Guruvayur Devaswom website in January this year for something else, I found that the waiting list for this pooja - a dawn to dusk pooja with special worship modes - was up to 2045 or so. The booking cost was in the region of Rs. 50,000, more money to be charged if necessary, at the time of the pooja.
I wanted to confirm this, what with my faulty memory , and revisited the site.
It says the booking for the pooja is closed now!!!!


Karthik Narayan said...

there is something really worth mentioning here - the waiting for a visa - taking all the pains of doing so much documentation and finally the failure of not getting one.. now beat that!

and other crazy waiting games - how can i forget the udupi temple queue? to get inside a temple that was barely a km away, the admin was so stupid to have myriad rings of complex rows that all devotees spent 5 hours of nothing (with plenty of walking of course) to get a 20 second glimpse of a god who was shown on camera live all along in a cozy corner :)

that deserves a blog post surely...

Gardenia said...

what about those who CANT wait ... cant wait to know who dies in the new Harry Potter book for heaven's sake?
Does it even matter IF you get to know or not, let alone WHEN you get to know?
'What's the use of hurrying
What's the use of worrying
WHat's the use of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g???
Ho Heigh Ho!'

Karthik Narayan said...

yeah how cud u ever miss that one?? overnight q's over something that's so "worth" the effort...?

reminds me of an episode of FRIENDS with Joey and Rachel...

Anonymous said...

They also serve who only stand and wait.

Anonymous said...

Ever waited for a green card? Takes forever and ever.

PentaTwo said...

Waiting for Godot!

Raji said...

Hmm, how indeed could I have missed Harry Potter?
Vandana got her copy of the latest today - at the Hoboken Barnes and Noble bookshop. There were two queues, I understood, from my husband and Sriram who went to buy it: the queue for those who had reserved it was But the queue for those who went in to get it off the shelf had barely three people.

Yes, and waiting for visas, green cards, darshans...heartbreakingly long waits.....

Ash7 said...

nice post...