Saturday, 11 January 2014


I wrote this last year when my granddaughters came for a holiday with their parents, and left.
This year  my other grandchildren came and stayed, and left a couple of days ago.
Deja vu.

No screams
No tears.
No shouts,
No laughs.
No giggles,
No joy.
Granddaughters have left,
How empty is the nest


vaidhehi said...

I know the feeling..

Umesh K. Dubey said...

Wonderfully expressed . So much thought in so few words.

GVK said...

Such is the nature of a 20th Century family. In every other Indian/Asian family, you have members staying away from you - in another town or another country. And, on rare occasions when we have them all together, under the same roof, it's time for celebrations.

Sainthavi said...

Very touching and heartfelt... A true granny's lament...

sunaina sharma said...

This is so mom and mom-in-law must be feeling like this whenever our short visits to India end.....

How do we know said...

Its a beautiful post!!