Saturday, 7 March 2009


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....this lovely Traveller's Palm, known locally as visari vazhai, or the fan banana palm, and this unusual building..

Do click on picture to see the peacocks painted on the glass windows


Sunita said...

Whoa! Is Madras taking over the tag of Pink City? But that's part of what I like about Madras... so vibrantly alive and there are absolutely no half-measures there! :D

Bala said...

Raji, Appreciate your keen eye to spot that strange building. It would be nice to the logic and purpose of some of the provisions from the owner of the building.

Bala said...

BTW, Is it a movie set?

Kamini said...

That pink building looks like a wedding cake!
Where are these? Funny, I'd think the pink one would stand out a mile, but I've never seen it!
(And, in agreement, the word verification "word" is xesses - excesses?!)

Anonymous said...

It's a shocking pink but nevertheless looks abs stunning esp those windows!
BTW, what was it about the visari vazha-looks like any other vazha in Kerala?! Or did I miss something?


Abraham Tharakan said...

Interesting building. Nice photo of visari vazha too.

Soul Searcher said...

You do have an eye fot the unusual. What is the pink building about/ Like all others I am curious too.. Is it a house, a hotel, a government building or what?

Gardenia said...

Oooh - so royalty lives in the neighbourhood now!

Maddy said...

that sure is a strange colored building - methink the pink paint was available for a hefty discount..

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I just wish the wires weren't so haphazard in front of the building but that's typical anyway. There are better colors that can go on the building to make it look elegant but pink it is!



The building is intriguing, isn't it?
It is the residencehome of some people who moved here from South Tamilnadu. More details I haven't been able to access. The cable wires are a mess, aren't they!

As for the 'shocking pink' it does make the building stand out from the neighbouring ones. To me it seems that all the designs the aspiring builder had, seemed to have found an outlet in this single structure.

Alex, the visari vazhai, diagonally opposite this building, had a calming effect with its balance and symmetry, which pleased the eye. That is all.

Devika said...

I always wondered about Madras' fascination with peacocks :)

Nice seeing your neighbourhood...Pink for buildings looks a bit odd to my eye :)


Anandhi said...

hey raji, where did you spot this pink building. Can we call it "Mylai palace" (if it is in mylapore)

Kat said...

They could've chosen to paint a pea-hen, in one glass.

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